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Why We’re Different


Why Cosenta?

Why Cosenta? IT service companies are a dime a dozen, making it hard to stand-out from the field. But since our founding, our unique identity has become established and proven.

  • Your projects are our projects. We put our skin in the game and measure our success by your success.
  • We punch well above our weight. We can tackle large, strategic and complex projects like custom data warehouse builds and core system replacements, as well as small, tactical “quick-win” initiatives.
  • We are a “soup to nuts” firm, and can help with everything from systems strategy to critical production support, as well as everything in between.
  • We have great partners, and our partner network extends our reach to nearshore, offshore and specializations that we don’t have in-house.
  • We are diverse. Minority and woman ownership, with staff from all walks of life and backgrounds.
  • Our clients are as diverse as we are. We work with public & private sector organizations, both small and large, national and international.
  • We are agnostic in our use of technology, tools and methodology; our allegiances are to effectiveness, efficiency and repeatable delivery.

There is not an IT project we can't take on, a location we can't service, or an organization/individual we can't work with.

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