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Cosenta has supported manufacturing companies by helping them bridge the business and IT divide through taking a holistic approach to implement solutions embedded within the organization. With Cosenta’s help our manufacturing clients determine the pathways that information will traverse to connect ERP systems, and facilitate interaction between supply chain applications, data, and workers (on and off the factory floor) across their enterprise.


Advisory Services

    • Keeping abreast of state-of-the-art technology and software vendor is part of what we do; through our advisory services we help you figure out how best to build and utilize technology within your market segment in general and within your company in particular.
    • Technology assessments are among the first steps forward in enhancing a company’s processes and systems. Our Technology Strategy, Assessment and Road-map services let you know where your business stands in relation to your competition, and how you may use new advances in IT to gain a competitive advantage.
    • Need to replace your legacy ERP system or implement a new CRM system? Our Vendor & System Selections services helps to make your system modernization efforts a success before the first line of code is written, but making sure you select the right solution for your specific needs on day one.

Data & Integration Services

    • With our BI Services you can increase your productivity and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. With Cosenta’s help you can make the best use of data you didn't even know you had.
    • Warehousing is not just for your products. With every product you create there are reams of data generated as well. Capturing and storing this data in a Data Warehouse can allow you improve your products and manufacturing processes in ways you have not yet even conceived.

Application Services

    • Building and enhancing systems is one of things we do best at Cosenta, and you can benefit from our system development services. Whether your needs involve implementing a CRM Solution or modernizing a legacy system Cosenta has the expertise to make the project a success.

Custom Development

    • A client had implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX to help support their growing business, however experienced a myriad of electronic data interchange (EDI) errors. Cosenta was able to analyze the problem, and develop a custom solution which automatically identified issues, and resolved them by replacing improper data.

SharePoint Development

    • Cosenta was engaged to assist a client which was struggling with internal communication, collaboration, program management, and process automation. By implementing a SharePoint intranet portal, the client was able to unify all enterprise information, create dedicated project sites to support program management and collaboration, as well as integrate reporting tools and dashboards, facilitating both detailed and executive reporting initiatives.