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Government / Non Profit

Cosenta has assisted government and not-for-profit entities by providing advisory expertise, IT assessments, and even interim in-house counsel, when organizations lacked the bandwidth, or resources with the necessary technological background.


Advisory Services

      • Cosenta's vast IT experience allows us to provide Industry Expertise, when clients lack the in-house knowledge or bandwidth to focus on technological challenges or upgrades.
      • Technology Strategy, Assessment and Road map services let you know where your business stands in relation to your competition, and how you may use new advances in IT to gain a competitive advantage.

Data & Integration Services

      • Data Management services can utilize back-end tools such as Microsoft SSAS to deliver online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining functionality. These data tools ensure your business' data is accessible and well organized, allowing you to make the most informed decisions.

Application Services

    • While Cosenta can organize and improve business data, many businesses lack the IT specialists to constantly query the data, and generate reports. Cosenta can utilize existing and familiar applications, such as Excel PowerPivot, to maximize business users' ability to access historical data.

Self-Service BI

      • A client's legacy data allowed for limited access in their aging data warehouse. Cosenta developed Microsoft SSA tabular model cubes, and transformed the existing raw data into actionable information using DAX calculation, and incorporated KPIs to monitor business performance. This enabled business users to generate reports without assistance from IT professionals, allowing the IT resources to focus on long-term strategies.

Virtual CIO

    • Cosenta's Pennsylvania based client was left with a gap in resources after the unexpected departure of their CIO. Cosenta provided an experienced technologist to serve as an interim CIO, while leading an IT assessment to determine the client's current position, and future needs. Cosenta also lead recruiting, assisting in the hiring and on-boarding of IT professionals.